Review style

This page has information on my reading style and my review style.

What I read 

Books which I mostly like and read:

(1) Victorian literature
(2) Romances
(3) Mystery
(4) Horror
(5) Thriller
(6) Historical fiction
(7) Fantasy
(8) Adventure
(9) Nonfiction (mostly history)

This blog focuses mostly on adult books and young adult books. At times, I also read and review children's books.

I love books where there is an emphasis on human emotions and relations. 

I also like some plays. For example, Shakespeare has always been a favorite of mine.

I like the books I read to be emotionally powerful. I never appreciate films or books with most parts being emotionally weak. I want to smile, or cry, or laugh, or feel excited, scared, nervous, happy, curious or wondered,  while reading a book or watching a movie.

I'm very choosy about nonfiction. My favorite nonfiction genre is history.

What I DON'T read

Generally, I don't like books with a lot of chase scenes, fights, details of fights, etc. In simple word, I don't like the action genre. Also, I also won't generally like books where there is an very deep and detailed description of wars, where the discussions about wars are intense.

I don't think I'll ever review poetry books. It's not that I don't like poetry. Some of them, such as those of Robert Frost, I find very inspirational. Yet, I'm not particularly a poetry fan.

Mostly, I don't read any nonfiction genres except history/biography/autobiography/memoirs.

Other informations

The opinions on the reviews are my honest opinions. I may sometimes post reviews in Goodreads and Shelfari as well.

Please have a look at the blog, browse your favorite genres, have fun!

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