Tuesday, 21 May 2013

''Safe Haven''- Review

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published: 2010

Genres: Romance, Suspense

Rating: 4 out of 5


I'm not sure how to begin this review because I absolutely LOVED Nicholas Sparks's novel ''Safe Haven''. It was fabulous. Not only does Sparks gives us a wonderful love story, but this time, with ''Safe Haven'', Nicholas Sparks tells us a deep human story, a beautiful story. I am fairly acquainted with Nicholas Sparks's works. I have read ''Dear John'', and have seen the movie versions for ''A Walk to Remember'' and ''The Notebook''. But none of them can be compared with ''Safe Haven''. Safe Haven is AMAZING! 

The novel centers around Katie, a mysterious woman, in her mid-twenties, who has arrived in Southport, North Carolina, and lives an isolated life. She becomes friends with her neighbor, Jo, whom she eventually starts to trust and gradually tells the secret of her past life to her. She has a husband, who physically abused her in a terrible way, and she, therefore, ran away from him and started a new life in Southport. She is afraid all the time that her husband, Kevin, might come after her.

The widowed owner of a local store, Alex, is attracted to the pale and beautiful Katie. Katie becomes close to Alex's children, and soon, she develops a close relationship with Alex, and eventually they fall in love. Katie learns to trust in love once again. Katie tells Alex about her past life, and that she can't marry him because she already has a husband.

Her husband, Kevin, a vicious and extremely unpleasant villain, is still hunting for her...

This novel was just wonderful! With a mixture of love, emotions, human bondage, suspense, thriller, it was plainly amazing and I couldn't put it down! I admired the characters, I admired Sparks's writing style and the subject of this book. I loved the way Sparks developed the emotions in this book.

Sparks talks about a very serious problem in this novel, that is, domestic violence. Katie represents the physically abused women, those helpless women. The courage Katie shows by running away from Kevin is certainly an inspiration! Katie is an excellently developed character, an extremely admirable character. The brave, courageous Katie. Katie, who didn't tolerate the torture inflicted on her. Katie, who bravely ran away and later faced the person who tortured her. This character was simply amazing.

Two other characters I loved were Alex and Jo. Alex, the gentle, goodhearted man, who takes great care of his motherless children. He is a likeable character. And uhh... Jo. I absolutely adored her. Here, I won't discuss much, because I don't want to talk about the novel's surprising twist!!!

Kevin is the antagonist of this novel, the villain. I hated this character. As Katie described, he was INSANE. Nicholas Sparks excellently developed this villain as well.

I loved this lovely, suspenseful, beautiful novel. I loved the characters. I loved the subject matter. I loved the story. Fabulous book!

4 out of 5

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