Thursday, 1 August 2013

''The Choice''- Book Review

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published:i 2007

Genres: Novel, Romance

Rating: 3 out of 5


I didn't love ''The Choice''. But I enjoyed reading it. The Choice is definitely a tearjerker, and while it can certainly be not called one of Nicholas Sparks's best works, The Choice was a comfortable and enjoyable read.

Travis Parker is in his early thirties. He has a good life: a good home, talents, a great job, and great friends. But he knows that he needs a life partner and a family to make his life complete. Gabby Holland, a pediatrician, is his new neighbor. Travis and Gabby first meet with a misunderstanding, and when this misunderstanding is cleared, they become close. Gabby joins Travis and his friends on a weekend sailing, she joins Travis for a motorcycle ride, and she invites him to dinner, eventually realizing that she is in love with Travis. But, she already has a boyfriend, Kevin. Where will this lead?

The Choice is divided into two parts. The first part shows how Travis and Gabby fall in love. The second part is set eleven years after the first part, where Travis has to make a very difficult choice.

I enjoyed reading this one. It is a bit slow paced novel, if compared to other Nicholas Sparks books. But it was definitely a comfortable read. I liked the second half more than the first half. The second half was quite emotionally intense. I also liked the characters, both the main and the supporting ones. I liked Travis and Gabby, obviously. But I also liked Stephenie. I liked Allison, Megan, and Liz, because of the kindness they show to Lisa and Christine.

While the first half may sound a bit typical Nicholas Sparks love story, the second half is more emotional, more impressive. While I certainly don't think it was a great read, I definitely enjoyed it and it was, well, worth a read.

3 out of 5

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