Monday, 5 August 2013

''True Believer''- Book review

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published: 2005

Genres: Novel, Romance, Mystery

Rating: 4 out of 5


I liked True Believer. I really did! As a book by Nicholas Sparks, it is much different from his usual-themed, cliched novels.

I like Nicholas Sparks's books. I enjoy reading them. But I cannot deny the fact that his books are cliched and sappy. . They are enjoyable and feel-good, but yet nothing great. But SOME of his books are exceptional. I loved Safe Haven, for example. And it can also be said in the case of True Believer.

True Believer is an amazing book. It really is. It is a beautiful love story, surrounded with an excellent background AND setting. And moreover, it is not just a romance novel. It is a romance AND a mystery.

Jeremy Marsh is a journalist. In his career, he has exposed many quacks, many fake psychics. One day, he gets a letter from a resident of a small town, mentioning about mysterious and ghostly lights seen at a cemetery of that town. The writer of the letter requests Jeremy to come and investigate this. Many residents think the lights to be the presence of something paranormal. Jeremy is interested, and arrives in the town.

The writer of the letter, Doris, explains a legand that is connected with the appearance of these lights. Jeremy goes to the town library to do some research works in order to investigate the matter, and there he meets the librarian, Lexie.

Lexie, who initially does not want to get involved with Jeremy, gradually starts spending more time with him, and gradually they fall in love. Two stories follow: Jeremy, with the help of Lexie and the local people, investigating the matter, and the love story. Lexie feels that this love is very unlikely to lead them anywhere: she is happy with her small town life, and he is accustomed to city life. Where will everything lead?

If does sound like a typical Nicholas Sparks novel where a girl and a boy fall in love and there are so many difficulties to unite them. But it isn't. Perhaps mainly because of the surrounding characters, backgrounds, and the setting. This novel has an amazing setting! A much better location than the other Sparks books that I've read! The supporting characters also contributed a lot to the story! And also, the two main characters were unique. They were really unique and remarkable. I loved the novel not just because of the story, but also because of these aforementioned things: the amazing setting and the amazing main and supporting cast. The mystery is not something that raises too much suspense, nor is it so interesting; but however, as it is present as a background, it is one of the things that make this book so wonderful. 

I liked this book. A lot. It has become my second favorite Nicholas Sparks book, after Safe Haven.

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