Wednesday, 11 September 2013

''Nights in Rodanthe''- Book Review

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published: 2002

Genres: Novel, Romance

Rating: 3 out of 5


Adrienne Willis, a sixty-year-old divorced mother of three children, is worried about her daughter, Amanda. Amanda has recently lost her husband, Brent, and remains so depressed that deprives her two sons of their mother's sufficient attention. Therefore, Adrienne decides tell Amanda about her past, a past that may inspire her (Amanda) to learn that she has to move on in life.

Fourteen years ago, Adrienne had been asked by her friend, Jean, to temporarily manage her inn, in Rodanthe (Jean had to go away for a while to attend a wedding). There, Adrienne met Paul Flanner, the only guest who stayed in the hotel while she managed it. Paul Flanner, also a divorcee, was a middle-aged doctor who had come to Rodanthe for some work. He was to go to Ecuador soon, where his estranged son, Mark, lived. He wanted to connect with his son. 

Her recent divorce had left Adrienne bitter and sad. And Paul had always been too much busy, that made him give little attention to his son.

Over the stormy weekend, Adrienne and Paul's friendship grew into deep love, and both learnt from each, learnt from each other a lot. Paul goes away to Ecuador, promising to come back a year later.

Adrienne tells all these to Amanda. But what had actually happened to Paul?

Nights in Rodanthe was a short, enjoyable and moving read. While not having the excellent depth of so many other Sparks novels (Safe Haven, A Bend in the Road, True Believer, The Last Song), this one was a comfortable and enjoyable read. I liked both Adrienne and Paul. I liked how the two helped each other...  Adrienne, for example, was able to get over the bitter divorce.

 The main theme of this novel is moving on in life, a theme that is shared by many other of the author's works.

Overall, it is a gentle, quick, and enjoyable novel.

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