Saturday, 29 June 2013

''Lord of the Flies''- Book Review

Author: William Golding
Published: 1954

Genres: Novel, Adventure, Horror

Rating: 3 out of 5


Lord of the Flies centers around a group of children- whose ages are between six and twelve- who are trapped alone in an island after a plane crash. Having no adults with them, they have to look after themselves, take care of themselves, and find ways to be rescued. One of the boys (and the novel's protagonist), Ralph, decides to take the responsibilities of the leader. And everybody agrees to him. Everybody decides to obey him and lead a disciplined life in the island until they are rescued. 

But things don't go according to their plans. Very soon, the discipline and peace between the boys are shattered. Rivalry and argument arises. Jack, another boy with very significant leadership qualities, strongly starts scheming against Ralph. Also, the peace and stability is further destroyed when some of the boys start saying that there is a terrifying beast somewhere in the island.

I enjoyed reading Lord of the Flies, but I didn't love it. At times, I was quite terrified by the mention of the beast. The flow of words and the writing style are both extremely impressive. 

I appreciated the well-developed characters as well. I liked Ralph, our protagonist. Piggy, the first boy Ralph meets on the island, was irritating at first and later I started liking him as well. Jack was a strange character. At first I liked him and his friendship and co-operation with Ralph, but later I started disliking him when he schemes so horribly against Ralph and the others.

The life in the island, the deterioration of discipline and friendship, terror- all these are very well described. The ending is intense and quite suspenseful as well. Overall, I enjoyed and liked this one.

3 out of 5!

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