Friday, 7 June 2013

''Suspicious''- Book Review

Author: Heather Graham
Published: 2005

Genres: Novel, Mystery, Romance, Suspense

Rating: 2 out of 5


Heather Graham's Suspicious takes place in Everglades. In the novel, a successful alligator farm is situated in Everglades. Police officer Jesse Crane is startled after three deaths take place. A couple have apparently been murdered, and the remains of an alligator is found near the place where they died. Secondly, a man has been eaten by giant alligator. Along with these tragic incidences, Jesse is startled to see Lorena Fontier, the new nurse in the alligator farm. Lorena looks like a girl from a rich family, so what is she doing in this area as a nurse in an alligator farm? There is certainly something fishy. Jesse thinks that Lorena's presence here has a motive.

Lorena indeed has a purpose of coming here. Several years ago, her father had died. Her father had done researches that may have dangerous results, and Lorena has reason to believe that it is this alligator farm that has these formulas of her father, and that her father's death might be connected with this alligator farm. Eventually, Lorena confides in Jesse, and Jesse decides to protect her and investigate her doubts. Soon Lorena and Jesse fall in love, but danger is lurking behind.

I didn't like ''Suspicious'' that much. The characters were described in detail but sadly, they hardly had any depth. There was suspense at times, but that was very inadequate and infrequent. I didn't enjoy it very much. The characters are not developed well; the storyline is interesting but the lack of depth and suspense makes it disappointing. But however, it was not boring. This is my first Heather Graham novel and though I didn't like it, I appreciate Graham's writing style and will look forward to read more of her writings someday. 

Suspicious was a quick read and though not likeable, it was not unpleasant or terrible.

2 out of 5

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