Saturday, 15 June 2013

''The Stars Shine Down''- Book review

Author: Sidney Sheldon
Published: 1992

Genres: Novel, Mystery, Suspense, Romance

Rating: 3 out of 5


The Stars Shine Down is the story of Lara Cameron, who grew up in poverty and with misery, but established herself as one of the most successful real estate developers. The books tells the story of her life, of the successes and difficulties that she comes through, her feelings, her lover, her career. She accomplishes everything: fame, wealth, reputation, the man she loves, everything. But then she is risked with downfall:  everything she has is in danger.

 The Stars Shine Down was an absolute page turner and a fast read. From the very beginning of the novel, it was engrossing. However, the middle part did seem a bit ridiculous. Again and again there was Lara builds this, Lara builds that, Lara accomplishes this, Lara accomplishes that. Though at first it was nice to read about these, soon they became so frequent that it seemed like they were being repeated. As soon as, however, Phillip enters the story and Lara falls in love with him, the story changes it's style and becomes more likeable. 

The character Lara had great depth. As the novel described her life in such detail, Lara really became an excellently-developed character.

The novel is not really a ''thriller''. It's something of a mixture of drama, mystery,  suspense, and some  romance. The truth behind the mystery was surprising. The ending was also wonderful and nice. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It was a quick and light read.

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