Thursday, 25 July 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

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Q: What do you do with your books after you are done reading them?

I put them back to my shelves! I may sometimes reread some of the books that I absolutely loved! My shelves are overflowed, so I have to keep them someplace else until I find some more space! 


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  1. My shelves were starting to get overflowed.. so then I turned my books in different directions to make more room!

    Angela's Anxious Life

  2. Mine is overflowing as well! I'm in need of more shelves asap :)
    Thanks for stopping by My FF!

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  3. Thanks for the follow. I'm following you. :)

  4. I have a lot of books on my shelves, so I've resorted to making stacks inside short old Barnes & Noble boxes with the flaps cut off. They're set right in front of bookshelf. I also have a few stacks of books inside a big shoebox set apart from the shelves, and I have another box of books in a different room.

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  5. Hopping through. My shelves are overflowing too. I should really organize them.
    My Hop

  6. Same! Though I am definitely running out of room! New follower via Bloglovin'

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  7. I have a hard time letting go of books, but I rarely buy physical books anymore (they take up too much space). I'm also a chronic re-reader :-) Thank goodness for eBooks!

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    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun
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  8. Space is a luxury I didn't have for a long time! But I hoard all the same.
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    Kimberly @ Once Upon a YA Book

  9. Overloflowing book cases are homey though. :) New follower too. Here is my FRIDAY! Have a great weekend!

  10. My shelves are stacked as much as they can be without falling over (two deep and doubled on top of each other as well!). I have them on the floor, the bedside table and my vanity bench. So don't feel alone! :) New Bloglovin, Facebook and Twitter follower.

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  11. Thanks for stopping by, I am following you on bloglovin. :)

  12. I have an overflowing bookshelf as well! There seem to be a lot of us in this blog hop haha
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  13. New follower here! Come visit me over at my blog, Beyond the Bookshelf :)

  14. My shelves are overflowing too =) I think it's a common problem for all book lovers. I just wish my room is a little bit bigger so I can have a mini library in here =/

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    Amie @Magic of Words

  15. I have that problem, too, lol. I bought a second book shelf, and it's overflowing now!

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