Thursday, 11 July 2013

''The Sky is Falling''- Book Review

Author: Sidney Sheldon
Published: 2001

Genres: Novel, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Rating: 3 out of 5


While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sheldon's The Sky is Falling, I won't really say that it was a great read because it wasn't. However, it's an exciting, suspenseful and adventure-filled quick read that would be worth a read. However, don't expect anything too good from this book because it can be very predictable and sometimes slightly silly. But despite that it is a fun, exciting and suspenseful read!

The Winthrops are one of the most prominent and famous families of America. However, great tragedies occur- within a year, all five members of the family is dead, apparently because of accidents.

Our protagonist is Dana Evans, a famous anchorwoman for the press. Viewers simply love her. She has just returned from Sarajevo and has adopted an orphan, Kemal, whose family members had been killed because of a bomb. 

After coming to know about the co-incidental death of all the five members of the family, Dana is curious to know more, and becomes suspicious that it might be more than accidents, that it might have been murders. Her growing suspicion leads her to personally investigate more about the matter, and she herself falls in danger. Because of her investigations, someone is planning to have her killed. She can understand that she is being watched all the time. Her life is in constant danger. Who is innocent and who is not? Who is against her life and who is not? She continues her investigations, even with the grave perils lurking everywhere around her, and ultimately comes across revelations- revelations that has dangerous results.

Obviously I enjoyed reading this novel! It was a fast paced and quick read! But however, as I mentioned before, it was very predictable and slightly silly. For example, I could easily understand who were the villains and who weren't just by seeing the incidents and the behaviors of the characters. Characters are well developed, but it was easy to guess who was evil and who was innocent. Really.

Last month I had read another Sheldon novel, The Stars Shine Down, which I liked but also felt was irritating at times. However, The Sky is Falling was absolutely not irritating! Rather, it was really interesting and enjoyable!

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