Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nostalgic reads...

For everybody, there are books that bring back so many memories when you read them again. Memories that make you smile, feel sad, and remember the time when you first read that book! There are many books reading which I feel so nostalgic! Here are some of them: 

Jane Eyre is one of those books that made me fall in love with reading! I still clearly remember the time when I first read this novel. I loved the beautiful story, the romance, the elements of suspense and horror. I love this novel. And every time I reread this, those beautiful feelings that I experienced when I first read this novel, still haunt me!


''Wuthering Heights'' is indeed my favorite book of all time. I love everything about it. I love the characters. I love the beautiful story. I love the haunting tale of love, the haunting tale of revenge, the haunting tale of the power of true love! This is a novel that has beauty in every lines, this is a novel so beautiful that I'd absolutely recommend it to everybody!

Vanity Fair is not quite one of my favorite books. But however, I do love this novel. And every time I read it, it also brings back so many great, fresh memories! Wonderful novel about flawed characters, ambitions, and the result of such high ambitions.

I first read this when I was just eight years old. I absolutely love Anne Frank and her diary. Anne Frank is so inspirational, and her diary is certainly one of the most inspirational books I've ever read.

Of course, I adore Harry Potter. Both the books and the movies! And whenever I read the series (ANY of the seven novels!), or watch ANY of the Harry Potter films, I feel nostalgic.

There are so many other books like this, books that bring nostalgia, that bring so many dear memories whenever I reread them!


  1. The Diary of Anne Frank ... that would definitely be a nostalgic read for me ... I first read it in junior high school and was so moved by it. The first community theater play I saw ... The Diary of Anne Frank ... I recently re-watched the movie as well.

    1. I have not seen the play but have seen several movie adaptations. Did you watch the 2001 miniseries "Anne Frank: The Whole Story"?